In 1996 that is 12 years ago I was able to open my own motor garage which is today known as Sudath Auto Engineers. Soon I realized that I could use my knowledge and experience for the experimenting in modification of vehicles. It began with fitting what is known as Body Kits to vehicles. 
I had a Mitsubishi Lancer car (11-9469) which I planned to modify. Using fiber glass material the body of the car was modified. Many features were added to the car but unfortunately it met with an accident and was badly damaged. Though I was involved in that accident my life was saved miraculously.
After a period of two years the thought came to me that I should rebuild this car. It was planned for a period of time and myself decided upon the design and started the work. One special feature was that the doors of the car were to open upwards. It was a quite a task to make this car a unique one in Sri Lanka.
I am a father of 3 sons. My eldest son who is 18 years old helped me with innovative ideas. I used the best quality material and parts available in the world. Today this car looks really grand and it turns heads all way as it moves on the road. The colour combination that is used and the superior quality paint has made it very attractive. I had to use a lot of resources to complete the job.
If any one is interested in such a car I would be happy to undertake to do it again. I have a great self satisfaction in doing this work and consider building such a unique car a great victory one who supported me in this endeavour.      

I was born in Elpitiya in Galle district. As a teenager I came to Colombo to work in a motor garage at Wallawatte. It was known as the Bennet Garage where I first had the basic training in motor mechanism. Over the years I gathered experience and became quite skillful in this trade. In 1990 I left that garage and worked in a few other places.